long time gone

well, folks...it's been a while, eh? a year and 26 days, to be exact. the last time i updated this blog, it was last school year, which is basically forever ago in "teacher time".

before i launch into the real reason i'm back here updating this blog again (and hoping to do so on a somewhat regular basis again), here's what you've missed since i last checked in:

1. this school year is my TENTH year of teaching. this month, i will "celebrate" the tenth anniversary of my college graduation. both of these facts make me really feel every single one of my 32 years.

(from year #3 of teaching, when april & i were babies. before she had her babies!)

2. oh, hey - i turned 32 in october! my birthday was on a monday and i spent it with some of my very favorite people. after $2.50 tacos and delicious beers at victory, the evening ended with a candle in a piece of cake and free shots of limoncello.

(happy birthday to me!)

3. since i last posted, i've visited six new states and traveled a lot. some of the highlights of all those trips included:

-another awesome rudyfest week down in maryland.
-long weekends up in ithaca (as often as possible).
-camping on the tippy tip of the door county peninsula in wisconsin under the most ridiculously star-filled sky i've ever seen.
-visiting breweries and eating chocolate in ann arbor, michigan.
-drinking lots of beer, visiting garden of the gods and mesa verde national park, and riding to the top of pikes peak in colorado.
-horseback riding in wyoming.
-visiting friends in salt lake city and arches and canyonlands national parks in utah.
-eating tamales from street vendors and enjoying a spa day in new mexico.
-drinking bourbon (and moonshine!) and roadtripping through kentucky and west virginia with my sister.
-escaping the worst winter ever and visiting my mom in florida. twice. in two months. (dude, this winter sucked so much.)
-visiting a friend in seattle with my sister and taking a mini roadtrip down to portland.

(click image to enlarge...trust me, it's worth it.)

4. i've finished 10 more races, including two ten-milers (broad street run 2013 & 2014), two half marathons (the oddyssey half and the philadelphia half), one 10k, and a whole bunch of 5ks. ps. the 10k and one of the 5ks were run back to back, down in st. pete beach, florida as part of the st. pete beach classic.

(two races in one morning = three medals for me!)

so, based on all of the above, my life is looking pretty awesome lately...right? well, except for the part where i have gained back nearly half of all that weight i lost a couple of years ago. because despite experiencing some seriously awesome times over the course of the past year, there were also a bunch of really negative things that happened (both in my personal and professional life) and i didn't do so well at handling them and staying positive. it know it seems kind of ridiculous (because really, i do have it pretty great and i do really enjoy my life), but i just couldn't shake this overall sense of sadness and loneliness for the longest time. and i think that just made me upset more, because i wanted to feel happy, but felt like i just couldn't...if that makes any sense at all.

(this is the part where i thank all of my friends and my sister, for putting up with me this past year and supporting me and letting me cry in their offices at work and not making me feel stupid ever. seriously, i really am so very lucky and i know that.)

add to that the fact that my right heel has been bothering me for months and keeping me from running, which has led to a total loss of running endurance (and my first official "DNS" - the love run half marathon back in march) and put me in an even worse mood. i know i just wrote above that i've done ten more races in the past year, but i've finished each one at a progressively slower pace, culminating with last weekend's broad street run, half of which i ended up having to walk, because i did not train for it at all. but no matter how long it took me, i was NOT leaving the city of philadelphia without that damn medal.

worth every painful step.

i feel as if i'm at the beginning of the other side of all of that now. i mean, not the running/heel pain part - that will take much more time. and i'm still not sure exactly what i want my future to look like or what i want to do with my life, but i'm feeling much calmer about everything lately. and i do believe that at least part of the reason for this is that i've taken steps to get myself back on track with my eating and back in control of my relationship with food. which brings me to this:

that's right, y'all - i've gone whole30!

insert dramatic cliffhanger music here...i'll be back with more information in my next post!

(and yes. the title of this post is the name of a dixie chicks song. the only dixie chicks song i like. actually, the only dixie chicks song i know, and that's because leesa put it on a mix for me once and it really is one of the most perfect "driving around with the windows open in the spring or summer" kind of songs.)

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  1. So sorry to hear you have been struggling but so great to see you back to blogging.


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